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Wirral, New Brighton The Pier
600859 New Brighton

Wirral, Wallasey Liscard Village
600882 Wallasey Liscard Village

Beeston Castle and Tarporley Station
130324 Beeston Castle and Tarporley Station

Mr Wormald - Self portrait of a Victorian Photographer c.1890

Mounted Prints

Local History Photographs

Our popular range of sepia photographs - hand printed, quality prints produced using traditional photographic methods.

These pages are currently being refurbished you will soon be able to order from our range of archive photographs direct from this site.

We have many thousands of old photographic images in our archives and access to many other collections. New locations and subjects will be added to these pages gradually. Contact Us for details

the collection...

Our extensive archive consists of images dating back to Victorian times but largely covering the period 1890 to 1930. The original pictures are in various forms.. glass plate negatives, lantern slides, loose and mounted photographic prints and old picture postcards.

We carefully reproduce these originals and supply photographs as faithfull to the original as possible in clarity and tonal range.

We do occasionally enhance and retouch - but only where this is absolutely necessary and does not affect the overall image quality.

hand-printed sepia quality...

Traditional photographic methods are used to individually produce black & white prints from negative. After developing and fixing these are washed for several minutes and then chemically bleached and sepia-toned.

Besides enhancing the appearance of an image the other benefit that can be gained through toning is protection of the print from harmful elements in the atmosphere - oxidizing gasses these can damage photographic prints and cause fading, chemical toning can greatly slow down this deterioration process the toners actually converting the silver image into a more stable state.


We use acid-free mount card to present the photographs in our standard product. The prints are leaf mounted with tape to one edge in the mount to under normal conditions this allows the photograph to expand and contract with small changes in temperature and humidity and remain 'flat'.

For a small extra charge prints can also be 'dry-mounted' onto board.


We also have a growing range of sepia postcards produced from images in the collection.