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Bonzo Comic. "I'm Missing You Dreadfully"
Bonzo Comic."O Baby-Aint You Bin Naughty!"
Bonzo Comic. "Ach wie schon!"
Bonzo Comic "Ich bin nicht so schlimm, wie ich aussehe"
Bonzo Comic "Ive Just Remembered I Forgot To Write To You!"
Comic Dog "The Show Girl"
Bonzo Comic "I Wish You Weren't So Cold!"
Bonzo Comic. Ich munlchte,Du Marelt Nicht Lo Kalt ( "I Wish You Weren...
Bonzo Comic "This Show Isn't All That Bad!"
Bonzo Comic "Also Ran"
Bonzo Comic "A Friend In Need"
Bonzo Comic "I Took A Boat Out Today."
Bonzo Comic "I'm Counting Every Second Till We Meet"
Bonzo Comic "I'll Be Round Again Soon!"
Bonzo Comic "Just A Line"
Bonzo Comic "Rabbits, I Believe?"
Bonzo Comic "Just a Hurried Line" from Glen Innes
Bonzo Comic "I'm Looking Forward To A Lively Time!"
BONZO Dog. I Did But See Her Passing By
Bonzo comic - Coal Black Mammy
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