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Native Life in India - Khitmatghar
Native Life in India - Lama Beggar
Native Life in India - Dudh Wallah / Milkman
Snake Charmers India
Lucknow Chatter Mazab Palace
Delhi Old Fort
Jutka - Horse & Carriage
INDIA Naini Tal. POLO GROUND. Posted c.1905
INDIA Ahmednagar D’Sousa Street. c.1910
INDIA Khandalla. Railway Reversing Station. Posted 1904
INDIA Dhorampur (Dharampur) Railway Station c.1910
INDIA Barogh (Barog) Principal Railway Station c.1910
INDIA Woman Selling Chatties - Ethnic c.1905
INDIA Poona Railway Station
INDIA / PAKISTAN Karachi Erskine Wharf. Ships Railway c.1910
INDIA Famine Stricken Victims c.1905
INDIA Derak Dancing Girls at their toilet. Posted 1912
INDIA A Kathiawar Home. Posted 1911
INDIA Bullock Cart
INDIA Bullock Cart
INDIA Street Barbers
INDIA Bombay Moombadevi Road
INDIA Bombay Null Bazaar Street Scene c.1910
India / Pakistan Karachi Zoological Gardens
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