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The Dragon-Fly - Art by Dorothy Wheeler
The Duet - Art by Dorothy Wheeler
Woodland Friends - Art by Dorothy Wheeler
Fairies / Rabbits Silhouette Art
Art Silhouette - Fantasy / Fairies
M.SOWERBY Fairy in Carnation, frightened of Bee Sting
M.SOWERBY Elf / Fairy Grasshopper Cornflowers
M.SOWERBY Woodfairies / Elf Dance with Stagbeetle
Honesty Fairy by M.Tarrant
Wood Anenome Fairies by M.Tarrant
Melody - by H. Willebeek Le Mair
The Fairy in the Blossom - Hilda T. Miller
Mad Dance of the Fairy Ring
Fairy - Seated on the edge of a Mauve Crocus - Outhwaite
Anne rides on a Nautilus Shell
Kexy (Frog) Friend of Fairies - Outhwaite
Ann Plays the Pipes - Outhwaite
On a Huge Dragonfly - Outhwaite
The Witch on her Broomstick
She is a Spring Fairy
Pretty Wings Peacock Butterfly art M.Sowerby
Periwinkle & Elf art by M.Sowerby
The Lost Fairy - Art
Pretty Wings Peacock Butterfly art M.Sowerby
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