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Dogs Scottish Terrier by Mills
Dogs Pekingese Spaniel - by Maud West Watson
Cat & Dog - Art by Adrienne Lester
Kittens Puppy & Tortoise - Art by Cobb
FIFE Falkland Scottie Dog Pull-Out Novelty Card.
BULLDOGS 4 x with Lord Charles Beresford Real Photo c1908
HUNTERS with DOGS & RIFLES - Wimy (Aisne) France Real Photo c1910
ST BERNARD Dog Art by Arthur Wardle. Posted 1931
BULLDOG "All British" Real photo. Posted 1937
HUNTSMEN and Hounds Dogs. c1905
Film Stars & Their Pets - Silvia Sidney
COCKER SPANIEL Pedigree (Named) Dogs 1925/26
St Bernards Dogs by Norah Drummond
St Bernards Dogs by Norah Drummond
Foxhound by Norah Drummond
BULLDOGS Durlston Court Hotel Bournemouth. Posted 1956
POINTER Dogs art c.1930s
Airedale Terriers - art by R.H.Buxton
Lady with RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK? DOG. Real photo c.1930
OTTER HOUNDS Dogs Art. Posted 1915
FOXHOUND Dogs Art by Nixon. c1910
FOX TERRIER Dogs Art Posted 1908 by Nister & Co.
Sealyham by Mac
Dog - Film Star Tailwagger Series by Mac
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 … 87 items total

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