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Children Comic Might Like a Rose - by Phyllis Purser
Children Art - A.Bertiglia
Think of you on Christmas Day...
Christmas Greetings Cute Girl Tree & Doll
Comic Spurgin-I Know This By Heart
Kiss and be Friends - Edwardian Children Art c.1905
Child with Toys RP Portrait
Children with Parasol & Pommeranian Dog - Art
Your Little Sunshine - Barribal
The Garden Wall - Jessie Wilcox Smith
Percy Mustnt Get Wet - Agnes Richardson
Mums the Word - Agnes Richardson
Among the Poppies - Jessie Wilcox Smith
Girl with Bulldog - Art
Children Feed Horses at Stable
Girl with Doll by Ellen H. Clapsaddle
Comic Children - Time by Chilton Longley
Edwardian Family Group Fashion
Boy with Hoop and Stick
Boy Scouts - Ready for Duty
Boy with Scooter
Kathleen Irene Murnaghan
Kathleen Irene Murnaghan Black Cats Playtime
Phyllis Cooper - Pack up your troubles
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